Cameron Highlands – greenery, freshness and tea time.

Let’s escape from the noise of the big city for a while. Close your eyes! Breathe deeply! Count – 3..2..1! Imagine the greenest hills, the most blue sky and freshness after the rain. Welcome to Cameron Highlands! With a short stop in Kuala Lumpur we went to a small town Tanah Rata –  the administrative capital of Cameron Highlands.

Stopping in Tanah Rata was not an accidental. Before coming to South East Asia, I had two pictures in my mind which represented Asia to me. It was the infinity of tea and rice. So let’s make it reality.Tanah Rata welcomed us with freshness, fog and rain. It was hard to believe but at that moment after a month of heat I was so happy just to breathe fresh air and hear the sound of strong rain. I appreciated it more that ever in my life. We started exploring the town right away in fog and rain.

Good things always have the end. But every end means new beginning. The rain stopped and the new sunny and hot day dawned. It was time for new experience. So we went on a tour to see what we came for – infinity of tea. Before this we have visited butterflies’ farm. That was pretty amazing. Being surounded by hundreds of butterflies, what could be more magical. An illeagal and secret walking in one of the oldest mossy forest in the world also added some mystery and magic to this day. And finally we got an opportunity to see an endless plantations of tea. The real view was much more stunning that I could imagine. The greenest hills, the most blue sky and a feeling of accomplishment. Close your eyes! Breathe deeply! Count – 3..2..1!

In conclusion I would like to say – use your imagination. Use it! Imagine the most beautiful places in the world! You never know when it can come true. You never know how far it can force you to go. Maybe one day you will wake up in a small town surounded by tea plantations.